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About Company

RrdesJarDins is a team of interior designers and home improvement enthusiasts that enjoys sharing information about their passions. Whether it’s remodeling projects, decorating tips, DIY advice or other tricks to make life more comfortable at home, this site got you covered!

Our goal is to provide readers with a reliable source of information about their home improvement needs. We try to cover every aspect of interior design and decor, so this is your one-stop destination for anything and everything related to home life.

Whether you’re looking for the best furniture deals because you plan to recondition an entire room or just want to get some nice ideas for a new bedspread, we’ve got you covered. We also discuss home improvement topics such as plumbing, gardening and even furnishing tips if your goal is to renovate an entire house. Whether it’s dealing with electrical issues or kitchen designs, our articles have what you need!

With RrdesJarDins, you’ll find articles that are easy to read and simple to understand. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive information for home improvement projects. We hope our readers will learn something new with every article they read!

We write our articles so even beginners or people with little knowledge about certain topics can still understand them without any problems. For this reason, you’ll find that there are not many technical terms or complicated instructions in our content – we prefer to keep things simple and fun!

The team at RrdesJarDins works hard to bring readers the most interesting information about home improvement projects. If you want a reliable source of information for your home, then you’ll love everything we have to offer!


RrdesJarDins was founded by RENÉ DESJARDINS who has been in the construction industry for over 15 years. Passionate about interior design, RENÉ regularly shares his expertise with readers on his blog. If you want to reach him personally, he can be reached at DESIGN@RDESJARDINS.COM.